Institute for Environmental Negotiation

Empowering communities to create shared solutions

Client Testimonials

Our work consistently includes a wide range of clients from the public and private sectors. Since its inception, the Institute has handled well over 200 cases ranging from local land use conflicts, short-term facilitation, community consensus building, to long term policy negotiations. We have served federal, state, and local governments, conservation and environmental groups, educational institutions, business and industry groups, and community nonprofit groups.

What Our Clients Say…

“I want to thank the two of you for doing a really top-notch job throughout the project. The workbook you created is really spectacular both in its breadth and depth, and will continue to be useful to the participants later, as they facilitate actual cases. Your interactive training plan, your stories of actual cases, and your collaborative training style all helped to produce a great training.”

Ramona Buck, Public Policy Director
Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office

“Your willingness to give your all and your incredible tenacity and patience with us as we slogged through the tedious components of the process made the difference between a sincere but futile stab in the dark, and a successful community effort that sparked the county’s decision to hire professionals to do the job as it ought to be done. Where once we saw only our differences, we now see our many commonalities. We may not agree with each other all the time, but we’ve come to like each other so much we think we’ll manage to work things out in the long run.”

Rosemary H. Wallinger
Shenandoah Forum

If you would like references, we will be happy to provide you with numbers and names of people familiar with our work in cases most similar to yours.