Heritage Tourism Mapping


The IEN was asked to design and facilitate a process for engaging citizens in the five counties to develop a Heritage Tourism map, which would include historical, cultural and environmental sites, events, and facilities that will entice heritage tourists to see and do more in the region. An IEN team of Tanya Denckla and Karen Firehock, assisted by Wanda SanJule, developed stakeholder “Heritage Tourism teams” in each of the five counties. These teams developed categories for possible heritage tourism sites and events, and criteria for narrowing and prioritizing. After the Teams identified potential sites and events, the IEN conducted public meetings in each of the five counteies to inform residents about the project and to obtain their feedback. A final report was completed in July and is available from the TJPDC.

For more information, visit the Heritage Tourism Toolkit or call Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, 434-979-7310.