2012: Virginia Food Heritage – Planning for Sustainability and Resilience

This class – a global health and community engagement course – examines the question of food system planning through the lens of food heritage. To our knowledge, it is the first such class in food system planning in the U.S.  (Please let us know if you’re doing something similar!)

Using case studies, student teams developed a range of planning options for advancing our regional food system by supporting our region’s unique, place-based food heritage. See below for a list of the proposals students developed, with links to their papers and presentations.

Student teams also developed the first set of Central Virginia Food Heritage Short Films,  a series of 3-minute films based on interviews with community elders about our unique local foods and place-based food heritage.

This project was suggested, encouraged and supported by the Virginia Food Heritage Project, a long-term research project initiated by the IEN in collaboration with community partners, with funding from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. The class was supported by a grant from UVa Academic Community Engagement, through the Office of University Community Partnerships at the University of Virginia.

Food Heritage Innovation – Ideas for Advancing Food Heritage and Economic Development in Central Virginia

Food Production – Presentation Slides (PDF)

Food Processing – Presentation Slides (PDF)

Food Retail – Presentation Slides (PDF)

Food Preparation – Presentation Slides (PDF)

Food Celebrations – Presentation Slides (PDF)

Food Heritage at the University of Virginia – Presentation Slides (PDF)

 Central Virginia Food Heritage Short Films + Interview Stories

You can watch the short films that our students produce online on the YouTube channel for the Virginia Food Heritage project.

The films and short stories based on the interviews are also posted online on the Virginia Food Heritage Project website.