Tanya Denckla Cobb, Associate Director

My work as a mediator, writer and teacher are expressions of my core fascination with people and the world we inhabit. There is little that doesn't interest me. I am very averse to conflict, which is why, paradoxically, I feel so rewarded by helping others resolve it. Since 1997 my work at IEN has included process design, facilitation, research and training - from small group mediation to formal regulatory advisory panels; organizational strategic planning to community visioning; focus groups to large stakeholder summits; community research to community planning; university courses on community food systems to professional training on conflict resolution and collaborative problem-solving. I’ve worked on most aspects of our natural and built environment: land use, water (watershed planning, stormwater, onsite septic, sea level rise), forests, transportation, agriculture and food, health, and more. Learn more about my backstory here.  You can find my resume here. Email Tanya.