Institute for Environmental Negotiation

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2015-2016 Strategic Planning

IEN was asked to design and facilitate five strategic planning efforts in 2015-2016. We designed and facilitated meetings for the Albemarle Solid Waste Authority to enable its advisory committee to consider a range of options and reach consensus recommendations for the fate of the Ivy Landfill Transfer Station, for consideration by the Board of Supervisors.

We designed and facilitated meetings for the U.Va. Sustainability Office to bring its staff together to discuss appropriate roles, goals, and steps for achieving its goals. We also designed and facilitated the annual symposium for Virginia Sea Grant in which it was seeking stakeholder ideas and suggestions for its next five-year strategic plan.

In another effort, the Hampton Roads Intergovernmental Planning Pilot Project requested design and facilitation for a day of strategic decision-making to outline its second year of work, to help it turn the corner toward successful resolution of the grant project. IEN provided another daylong facilitation for the Southern Group of State Foresters, to help them envision their values and goals for working together, and then to articulate and prioritize their desired strategies for how to achieve their goals.