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National Preservation Institute: Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills for Cultural and Natural Resource Managers

(2006 - Present) The National Preservation Institute continues to feature IEN as trainer for three-day intensive seminars on conflict resolution and prevention. Laws and regulations related to cultural and natural resources often require participatory processes that can be mired in conflict and misunderstanding. Projects frequently can be more effectively navigated when stakeholders use collaborative processes to identify and resolve problems during consultation. Through interactive exercises and role plays, participants learn the skills needed to frame the issues for successful resolution, understand conflict management styles, design a stakeholder consultation process to address issues in a timely manner and prevent conflict from escalating, and negotiate in individual and group settings.  

"The amount of information I was able to obtain and utilize back in the field, was beyond useful.” 
- Participant in NPI Seminar on "Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Cultural and Natural Resource Managers"