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Empowering communities to create shared solutions

IEN Team

Tanya Denckla Cobb, Director

In 1997 I found a professional “home” at IEN for my passion for bringing people together to discover common ground and create solutions for mutual gain. Beginning as a Senior Associate, then Associate Director, I was privileged to be appointed Director in 2015. Through the years my work has covered a broad range of challenging environmental, agricultural and community issues. Now, as Director, working with a talented and collaborative team, I strive to be a servant leader while providing vision and strategic direction. As we build on IEN’s rich history to continue tackling the tough issues with integrity, our team seeks to meet the evolving needs of our times, through innovative leadership in our field and engaging stakeholders in ways that are fresh, focused, relevant and effective. Learn more about me here.  You can find my resume here. Email Tanya.


Kristina Weaver, Ph.D. , Associate Director

It has been my privilege to work with IEN since 2010 – first as a Visiting Scholar, then a consultant, and now as Associate Director. I am passionate about supporting people with diverse perspectives as they transform conflict into resilience, make durable decisions through consensus, and collaborate to achieve real world impact. IEN has a long history of engaging communities in collaborating to build informed, just, and sustainable solutions to some of our greatest collective challenges – from racism to climate change. I contribute to our mission as a cultural geographer, facilitator, and trainer. I also bring to our team a focus on impact and sustainability informed by a background in grants consulting; since 2012 I have helped organizations secure more than $41 million in awards for original research, innovative projects, and essential programs. At IEN I help to sustain some of our most groundbreaking work around sustainable food systems, sea level rise, community action for racial justice, and more. You can find my resume here.  Email Kristina.


Kelly Altizer, Associate

I joined IEN in 2014 after working with a variety of local nonprofits. As an Associate I manage the Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute (VNRLI), coordinating the program's six sessions and catalyzing VNRLI's alumni network. While my background is in the field of natural resources, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to IEN's work both within and outside of that sphere, including community engagement, coastal resilience, environmental justice, and public health. Email Kelly.

Franklin Dukes, Ph.D., Distinguished Institute Fellow

I have been privileged to work for the Institute for Environmental Negotiation (IEN) since 1990, and served as its Director from 2000-2015. As a mediator and facilitator, I seek to help individuals and groups address complex public problems and conflicts in ways that strengthen communities rather than tear them apart. Each year I work on average on a dozen or so projects involving environment and land use, contaminated sites, community development, education, and health. I have also facilitated many difficult community conversations on topics ranging from faith and homosexuality, to education, to reparations for slavery. Learn more about me here. You can find my resume here.  Email Frank.

J. Michael Foreman, Special Projects Manager

Mike’s focus has been on collaborative leadership and team-based performance planning his entire career. After 30 years of state service, Mike retired from the Commonwealth of Virginia in December 2016 where he was the Director of the Office of Environmental Education at the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Prior to his state career, Mike held positions in academia and business. He has been a trained facilitator since 1990 and has led and served on many collaborative efforts such as the Chesapeake Bay Program, US Forest Service Forest Legacy Program and Virginia Nonpoint Source Advisory Council, Virginia United Land Trusts, and Farmland Preservation Task Force. He has also led many NGO and state strategic planning and conservation policy efforts. Mike has been teaching the leadership portion with the Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute since 2001 and is a graduate of the Covey Leadership course.

Sierra Gladfelter , Program Manager RAFT

As Program Manager for The Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool (RAFT), I coordinate an interdisciplinary core team representing three universities and manage logistics throughout The RAFT’s 18-month community-based resilience planning and implementation process. Prior to joining IEN in March 2019, I spent five years doing applied research on international resilience initiatives and their capacity to address the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities in Nepal, Zambia, and India as the recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and a Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship. I received my Master’s in Geography and a Certificate in Development Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and also hold a B.A. in Anthropology from Temple University.

Theresa Krueggeler, JSD, Senior Associate

My interest in dispute resolution comes from a desire to use empathy and the ability to hold space for conflicting view points while helping people and institutions to get at what really matters. I believe dialogue can help us achieve greater clarity, fairer processes and more just solutions. At the same time, I am mindful that “forcing consensus” may exclude inconvenient view points and pacify important disagreements, a tension I studied in my doctoral dissertation on mediation theory. I am excited to be part of the IEN team as we work with communities in ways that place integrity, equity and connection at the heart of our processes. I bring the perspectives of a mediator and a scholar as well as an immigrant with an international background and wide range of interests and experiences. I am passionate about doing my part to address some of the challenges we all face on this planet and in our local communities: climate change, discrimination, racism, inequality and inequity. You can find my resume here.  Email Theresa.

Robierre Nderitu, Fiscal & Project Manager

I am excited to join the team at IEN, and participate in the important work of mediation and working towards shared solutions in this complex world. Being an immigrant has afforded me to see different perspectives and gain a global view of problems and their solutions. I see myself as a “peace-maker” and working for IEN, albeit on the financial side, allows me to contribute to reducing conflict, through mediation and supporting projects that create shared solutions for communities all over the world. I aspire to be fully immersed in learning about and sharing our world, and leaving a better place then what I found. My background is management, leadership and creating efficiencies in organizations.

Tammy Switzer, Administrative Assistant

My role at IEN is part-time Administrative Assistant. I provide general administrative support to the IEN staff, but the majority of my time is spent working on the Virginia Natural Resource Leadership Institute (VNRLI). I came to IEN in September of 2008 after being a stay-at-home mom for over 10 years. I am originally from Littleton, Colorado, where I worked for the University of Colorado for 12 years. In 1999, my husband was transferred to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we lived for six years. In 2005, his company brought us to Charlottesville.  Email Tammy.