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Elizabeth River Watershed Plan Revision


The Elizabeth River Project underwent a yearlong revision process to the watershed Action Plan, last updated in 2002. The Elizabeth River is an important tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. While serving as a vehicle for economic activity, with many industries on the River served by its navigable waters, the River has also served as a reminder of the harm of environmental contamination. A series of stakeholder meetings were convened in 2007 and 2008 to evaluate existing and continuing problems (environmental, social, political) associated with the restoration of the Elizabeth River.  The first of these meetings was held in November 2007, with the second meeting in February 2008 followed by a concluding summit in May 2008.  Six sub-committees were tasked with identifying action items and priorities for the restoration of the Elizabeth River, published in white papers presented at February's meeting.  The revised Watershed Action Plan for 2008 was published in June 2008.