Institute for Engagement & Negotiation

Empowering communities to create shared solutions


IEN can customize trainings to fit your needs and budget. 

The following elements can be incorporated into any IEN-led session:

  • Group Facilitation                                                                   

  • Interest-Based Negotiation            

  • Collaborative Leadership

  • Mediation                        

  • Conflict Resolution    

  • Designing Effective Meetings                                                 

  • Creating a Stakeholder Engagement Process    

  • Active Listening                                                        

  • Consensus Building    

  • Group Facilitation "Curveballs" (practice sessions addressing specific situations and application of core facilitation values)                                            

  • Best Practices for Community Engagement  

  • Developing "Higher Ground" (a process to create more effective and better-performing groups)           

If you're interested in exploring how IEN could design a training for your organization, please contact Judie Talbot at or 434-924-0263